Feminine Hygiene - Lotion Application Technology

Apex Slot Technology

  • Apex slot technology allows for custom designs and offers multiple hose feed for precision patterns to each adhesive pattern, delivering precision for continuous or high-speed intermittent capability.
  • Apex slot applicators utilize extreme high-speed module technology and Eagle Beak die lip technology to provide the best quality intermittent applications and long life.


UFD Equity High Speed Spray Technology

  • Utilizes UFD HS Series technology applicators and laminated plate UFD technology to design and manufacture specific nozzle technology to apply lotions and other low temperature fluids.


 The Dynatec Advantage
  • Special UFD lotion technology provides extremely clean high-speed intermittent stripes or solid patterns with no overspray.
  • Intermittent performance is best in class with capability of cycle rates of over 2,000 PPM.
  • Long-life HS Series modules ideal for very high-speed production
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • UFD HS Series technology applicators and laminated plate UFD technology non-contact applicators are patented designs offered only by ITW Dynatec.
  • Custom designs also available with the Apex Series of contact applicators.



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