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Hot melt systems because they operate without solvent very popular in the packaging industry. Another advantage of hot glue is the property to generate stable bonds between various materials and sit fast after cooling.

ITW Dynatec produces a wide range of hot melt systems in order to meet the requirements of the packaging industry. From the cardboard box on the pallet to food packaging adhesive many processes can be carried out by the ITW Dynatec systems.

We are to make your zuverläsiger partner for hot melt applications more efficiently and cost-effectively to your packaging processes. We will be happy for your request !

Typical applications for our system:


ITW Dynatec products for packaging applications

  • Hot glue melters
  • Automatic hot glue guns
  • Hot melt hoses
  • Hot glue nozzles
  • Cold glue systems
  • Multi-path control

ITW Dynatec Hot Melt machines from packaging machinery supplier


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