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 DM5 DynaPail - Adhesive Pail Melter minimieren

With it‘s simplicity, innovation and flexibliity, the DM5 Dynapail™ provides uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive to meet your specific production demands. The DM5 Dynapail works with a variety of adhesive types, including PUR. The DM5 Dynapail™ adhesive pail melter provides uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive. Daily operations are simplified with the DM5 Dynapail’s™ standard features, which include field-interchangeable platen faces, self-diagnostics, multiple temperature control sensors, and low/empty drum indicators.


DM5 Dynapail

  • Unique platen designs provide excellent platen force, melt rates, adhesive transfer and adhesive types including PUR.
  • Compact footprint provides flexibility and ease of installation.
  • A removable platen face allowing for field retrofit, saving you time and money. The removable platen face allows more accessibility for maintenance and cleaning.

Available Options

  • Digital Pressure Transducer Kit
  • Platen Circulation
  • Swirl Kit, Dual, 240V
  • Vent hood for PUR adhesive applications
  • Finned, High Flow, Standard Air Inject
  • Smooth Platen, Standard Air Inject
System DM5 Dynapail™
Operating temperature range 40°C to 232°C (100°F to 450°F)
Melt rate* up to 14kg/h (30lbs/h)*
Gear pump sizes 0.55 ccm - 10 ccm
Pail Size 5 gallon (19I) steel pail US Standard
Pail Inner Diameter 11.25 in (30 cm)
Hose/Head output zones 2/2
Aux putput zones 2
Supply voltage setup 1 240 VAC Delta, 480 VAC Delta
Supply voltage setup 2 380 VAC WYE Volts
Total Amp draw 6.7kW
Height 165cm (64.9in)
Depth 65cm (25.6in)
Width 114.3cm (45.0in)

* Melt rates vary with adhesive type

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