DM55 DynaDrum Bulk Adhesive Melter minimieren

DM55 DynaDrum™ - Bulk Adhesive Melter

The DM55 DynaDrum™ Bulk Adhesive Melter now comes with Dynacontrol V6 systems standard!  The NEW and intuitive touchscreen is user friendly and will easily display adhesive reserve and platen location in real time.  The DM55 provides uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive for high volume production demands. Daily operations are simplified with the DM55 DynaDrum’s standard features which include field-interchangeable platen faces, an intuitive touch screen, self-diagnostics, and low/empty drum indicators.  


DM55 Dynadrum™ now with Dynacontrol V6

  • NEW Advanced position monitoring system allows for real time platen position monitoring and accurate adhesive display. 
  • NEW fastest platen heat up time in the industry at 7 minutes!  
  • CE Certification Standard
  • Available in gear or piston pump configurations for varying applications.
  • Platen faces are available for various reactive and non-reactive adhesives, including PUR.
  • Platen guards, vent hood and pallet spacers
  • Unique platen design provides excellent platen force, melt rates and adhesive transfer.
  • Adjustable clamshell mechanism effectively secures fiber or steel drums.
  • User-friendly touch-screen simplifies operation and facilitates monitoring.
  • Two-button start for operator safety.
  • Multiple platen seals for increased protection.
 The Dynatec Difference

Modular Construction Simplifies Operation
The DM55 DynaDrum™ features a removable platen face allowing for field retrofit, saving you time and money. Particularly when working with  reactive adhesives, the removable platen face allows more accessibility for maintenance and cleaning. There is no need to purchase a new drum melter or ship the existing unit back to the OEM for factory retrofit, simply keep a spare on-hand to change out during cleaning to prevent any significant downtime. New standard Dynacontrol V6 System also provides seamless integration with other PLCs systems.

 Video: DM55 Features and Options

Technische Daten

*Melt and pump rates dependent on adhesive type
System DM55 DynaDrum™
Melt Rate (non-reactive platen)* up to 250 kg/hr (600 lbs/hr)*
Piston Pump Compression Rato 15:1 Piston Pump, Pressure Balanced
Gear Pump Specifications 8.5/30/45 cc/rev**
Platen Watts 35kW
Hose Output 2.4kW each (2 max)
Head Output 2.4kW each (2 max)
Pump Heater 1.2kW
Auxiliary Output 2.4kW each (2 max)
Voltage 240 VAC 3PH + PE (Delta), 480 VAC (Delta), 400 VAC 3PH + N + PE (WYE) 
Dimensions DM55 DynaDrum™
Height 184cm (72.4in)
Height Platen Extended 286.2cm (112.7in)
Depth 91.6cm (36in)
Width 153.3cm (60.4in)
Weight (empty) 771kg (1,700lbs)
Optional Accessories
Smooth finned platen for reactive adhesives
Tandem capabilities
Digital pressure transducer
Continuous platen position sensor
Platen guards, vent hood and pallet spacers

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