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ITW Dynatec offers two technologies, Apex slot die and UFD fiberized spray, that deliver customizable results for a variety of unique nonwovens applications. For applications requiring a solid barrier or coating on a nonwoven substrate, ITW Dynatec’s Apex slot die technology delivers exceptional results, while UFD fiberized spray allows customers to create a product with flow characteristics between two composites.

The Technology: UFD Fiberized Spray
  • Modular applicators can be combined to build segmented applicators from one to as many as 200 ports.
  • The industry’s most precise applicator for size and placement of multiple fiber size patterns.
  • Laminated plate technology (LPT) produces monofilament strands of adhesive and uses heated air to elongate those strands and lay them down in random or ordered patterns.
 The Dynatec Advantage
  • Adhesive savings: In many cases, by using our UFD fiberized spray technology, you can cut adhesive usage by 20-50% without sacrificing bond strength or durability.
  • The perfect-fit solution: UFD application technology is available in three applicators:
  • UFD fiberized spray
    • Offers infinite variability
    • Delivers high precision coat weights from .1 gsm to 300 gsm
    • Produces web widths from single yarn/strand to 5m wide
    • Can vary web widths on the fly
  • UFD High Speed Applicator
    • Can achieve times as low as 3.5 milliseconds
    • Offers high precision adhesive coating at cycle speeds up to 6,000 per minute
    • Features rapid component changeover
  • Equity UFD Applicator
    • Offers adhesive add-on weights from .02 grams per linear meter per strand
    • Delivers remarkable adhesive savings up to 70% over spiral or all other types of non-contact application methods 
    • Available in vertical or horizontal nozzle mount HS Series modules
The Technology: Apex Slot Die
  • Ideal for precise high-speed intermittent applications
  • Optional non-heated die width extension(s) for easier substrate handing
  • Air operated modules feature spring-assist close for precise cut-off
  • Die-lip design prevents build-up of unwanted materials
 The Dynatec Advantage
  • Significant adhesive savings. The Apex slot die adhesive applicator’s clean, crisp cutoff creates adhesive savings unmatched in the industry.
  • Product savings. Apex’s innovative design features, such as reverse-acting modules and optimized channels, minimize not only adhesive waste but also product waste.
Options. The most crucial component to building a system that achieves your exact needs is to have as many options as possible. ITW Dynatec offers the widest range of options around:
  • Equipment designed to make optimal use of a wide variety of hotmelts, including APAOs, polyamaraides, polyesters, TPRs, PSAs, EVAs and PBAs
  • Methodologies for flow or solid barrier (link)
  • Customizable coating and laminating specifications, from a single yarn to a substrate up to five meters wide
  • Speeds from 10 feet to 3,000 feet per minute
  • Coat weights of less than 1 GSM to hundreds of GSM
  • Intermittent or continuous operation
  • High precision coat weights as low as 2 GSM
Added Value. By offering technologies with such broad capabilities, ITW Dynatec also allows customers to produce products with valuable additional characteristics, for example by coating with antimicrobials or flame retardant chemicals.
  • Filtration Media - ITW Dynatec has industry proven and patented technology used in filter materials construciton.

  • Medical Composites -  Our technology adds value to manufacuturers medical products.


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